Mexico - Bahia de Banderas

I have just begun the research project for my doctoral thesis. My area of study is Bahia de Banderas, States of Jalisco and Nayarit in Mexico. I have the support and participation of Dr. Hans Bertsch, Dr. Sandra Millen, Dr. Angel Valdes and Orso Angulo.

My project is a long term ecological study, however, during the first 12-18 months I will be working on a survey of the area since no previous study for the area has been done before. As of now, my work is funded by Universidad de Guadalajara, Instituto Tecnico del Mar and Vallartech Diving. If anyone is interested in my work and its developments, you can find updates at:

Best regards
Alicia Hermosillo
PhD Student, Biological Sciences,
Universidad de Guadalajara.

NOTE: To find photos on the Forum of some of the animals Alicia has been finding, go to the SEARCH PAGE and type in banderas or hermosillo

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