Reef Creature Identification, Florida- Caribbean-Bahamas
Paul Humann. (Edited by Ned Deloach)

Fourth Printing, 1996
ISBN 1-878348-01-9
Published by New World Publications and printed by Paramount Miller Graphics, in Jacksonville, Fl.

See 2nd Edition

Paul's book is the best ID book for Atlantic and Caribbean nudibranchs. He has over 30 nudibranchs identified. Here is a scan of a page to show how it is arranged.

See my message for other books on Caribbean nudibranchs.

Anne Dupont.

Authorship details
Dupont, A., 1999 (October 23) Reef Creature Identification, Florida- Caribbean-Bahamas. Paul Humann. (Edited by Ned Deloach). [In] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from