Nudibranchs of Australasia
R.C. Willan & N. Coleman

First published 1984. 56 pages. Paperback.
ISBN. SER.0-949 373 -00 (Set)

This book contains photos of 168 Australasian nudibranchs with a basic introduction & details on the described species. This publication introduced many divers to the strange little beasts they were seeing. A brief overview of opisthobranchs is given along with, diet, defence & life cycles. Each photograph contains general information on the species; it's range, size & where the photograph was taken. The guide is collaboration between Dr Richard Willan now of the Northern Territory Museum (contributor to this site) & Neville Coleman , internationally recognised photographer & naturalist. Now out of print but worth hunting for.

Published by Neville Coleman's AMPI.
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This Review is by Wayne Ellis

Authorship details
Ellis, W., 1998 (December 15) Nudibranchs of Australasia. R.C. Willan & N. Coleman. [In] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from