Berthella platei
(Bergh, 1898)

Family: Pleurobranchidae


Cold temperate southern waters: southernmost Patagonian shelf, Falkland Ids, eastern Beagle Channel, southern Chile north to Quiriquina in central Chile (Schroedl, 1999). Found from 150 m to intertidal in different places.


Locality: Caleta de Arena, 20 m, Carrretera Austral, X Region, Chile, South East Pacific, 6 February 2007, hard bottom. Photographer: Dirk Schories .

Typical Berthella/Berthellina shaped body with uniform translucent pale orange colour. Internal shell is large, thin and transparent brownish, and covers all of the viscera.  Living animals up to 35 mm long.

  • Schroedl, M. (1999) The genus Berthella Blainville, 1825 (Notaspidea: Pleurobranchidae) from Magellanic waters. Journal of  Molluscan Studies, 65: 399-409
  • Schroedl, M. (2003) Sea slugs of southern South America.   Hackenheim, ConchBooks.  1-165. 
Authorship details
Rudman, W.B., 2007 (April 30) Berthella platei (Bergh, 1898). [In] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

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