Bullina nobilis
Habe, 1950

Superfamily: ACTEONOIDEA
Family: Bullinidae


Known only from Japan at present.


Izu Ocean Park, Izu Peninsula, Japan. Depth: 30m., 13 April 2002. Shell length: aapprox 20mm. Photo: Haruo Kinoshita

Described on the basis of shell differences alone. Differs from Bullina lineata in having a heavier shell, with a low spire, and fewer, more prominent spiral grooves and ridges. The red axial [vertical] lines are thicker than in B. lineata and there are a pair of thick spiral red bands. Each of thses thicj bands can appear as 2 or 3 individual thinner lines, as in Haruo Kinoshita's accompanying photo. I have copied Habe's original shell description below:

'Shell large for the genus, ovately globose, rather thin, white, with two red bands which divide the body whorl into three subequal parts, and provided with irregularly spaced red longitudinal threads which are somewhat wavy or arcuated or irregular; these threads are interrupted by the bands stated above; spire low; protoconch about 1.5 whorls, smooth and polished; post-embryonal whorls 4, each strongly convex; suture deeply canaliculated; body whorl very large, sculpture with many regular, strongly punctured spiral grooves which are emphatical on the top and base; aperture large, widely lunate; outer lip arcuated and the margin simple and crenated; columellar lip somewhat dilated and slightly twisted on the lower end, covering umbilicus partly and narrowed by the reflection of it. Length: 18 mm, width: 13.2 mm. Distribution: Honshu (Wakayama and the Sagami Bay)'

• Habe, T. (1950). Hydatinidae, Bullidae and Akeridae in Japan. Illustrated Catalogue of Japanese Shells, 1(3): 17-24
• Okamoto, M. (2001). Molluscan taxa described by Tadashige Habe. Vol 2: Gastropoda (Heterobranchia), Cephalopoda, Bivalvia & Scaphopoda. The Committee for Celebrating Dr. T. Habe’s Eightieth Birthday, Tokyo, Japan. 1630 pp.

Authorship details
Rudman, W.B., 2003 (September 12) Bullina nobilis Habe, 1950. [In] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from http://www.seaslugforum.net/factsheet/bullnobi

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