Re: Phyllidiella cooraburrama

July 14, 1999
From: Des Paroz

Note added Nov. 2002: I think this is Phyllidiopsis burni - see message .. Bill Rudman

Hi Bill
Just saw the posting on P.cooraburrama on the Sea Slug Forum. I thought this was an interesting find, as it was the one nudibranch I couldn't seem to find anything resembling in any book.

Although I am by no means an expert on the feeding of the nudibranch, it did appear to me that it was feeding on this sponge. This weekend I'll check my records and find out about depths and locations of the photo.
Best regards,

Paroz, D., 1999 (Jul 14) Re: Phyllidiella cooraburrama. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

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