Eubranchus tricolor from Eastport, Maine

August 26, 2003
From: Alan Shepard

Bill -

Here are a couple of shots of what I believe is Eubranchus tricolor from Eastport, Maine, USA. I had been told to look for this species in approximately 15 meters of water and that is almost precisely where I encountered it. I encountered two other specimens in a two-week period of diving all at approximately the same depth.

This individual was approximately 25mm long and was crawling along a gravel bottom with sparse patches of hydroids here and there. The dive site is noted for strong currents due to the extreme tidal activity in the Bay of Fundy area.

During the dive trip I found numerous other species that I will be sending photos of shortly.

Alan Shepard
Tolland, CT, USA

Shepard, A., 2003 (Aug 26) Eubranchus tricolor from Eastport, Maine. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

Thanks Alan,
It certainly looks like Eubranchus tricolor to me. I look forward to the other photos from your dive trip. It is nice to get photos of this east coast Nth American fauna
Best wishes,
Bill Rudman

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