Phyllidia scottjohnsoni from Hawaii

September 24, 2003
From: Keoki Stender

Hi Bill,
To accompany my message on Phyllidiopsis loricata from Oahu, Hawaii, here is a photo of the very similar-looking Phyllidia scottjohnsoni also from Hawaii.

This photo of Phyllidia scottjohnsoni was taken at Midway Atoll in a cave at 15m. They are quite common there but I've never seen one here in the main islands.

Keoki Stender

Stender, K., 2003 (Sep 24) Phyllidia scottjohnsoni from Hawaii. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

Thanks Keoki,
It's nice to get another record of this species
Best wishes
Bill Rudman