Talk about synchronicity!

July 24, 1999
From: Ross & Diane Armstrong

Hi Bill
I went on to your site to see if you have posted my message and the very first message on your list was of the same nudibranch Polycera hedgpethi but the message was posted by someone else.  What is more that message has a reference to the other nudibranch Thecacera pennigera that we found on the same dive and had also sent to you.

I noticed that you were amazed by the first coincidence.  I am more amazed still.  You don't think these little nudibranchs are planning to take over the world do you?

Kind regards

Ross & Diane

Dear Ross & Diane,

Well we only need messages from South Africa and California and we have most bases covered. Perhaps they are the Y2K Slug.

Bill Rudman.


Polycera hedgpethi

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