Re: Communally spawning Discodoris

April 28, 1998
From: Richard Willan

Dear Bill,
I am fairly confident in calling the dorid from Wollongong Platydoris galbanus Burn, 1958. The characters that match for genus are the broad elliptic flattened smooth mantle and lobed branchial pocket, and those that match for species are coloration - yellow mantle with medium-sized white spots and chocolate brown rhinophores and gills. The type locality is Philip Island, central Victoria, and there are apparently no published records from NSW, but that is no surprise. The animals are definitely not southern populations of any tropical species of Platydoris.
Richard Willan

Willan, R., 1998 (Apr 28) Re: Communally spawning Discodoris. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

Thanks Richard,
Bill Rudman

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