Re: Cerberilla ambonensis found Sthn Queensland

March 23, 2004
From: Gary Cobb

Concerning message #12501

Hi Bill,

The size of this Cerberilla ambonensis was 13 mm in length while crawling.

The burrowing photos in message #12504 were shot in the studio, I wanted to really observe this beautiful animal as much as possible without surge and silt.

The burrowing in #12501 and the crawling shots were as I found the animal. In particular the burrowing shot, as I was shooting it it started to disappear so I very quickly unburyed it and decided to bring it to the studio. I set up a 3 inch deep glass dish with about 30mm of sand and on top of that 30mm of salt water and let the animal go.

I shot some video footage of the burrowing and crawling behaviors as well (for free viewing!). It can be viewed on my website where I am recording all the species of nudibranchs here on the Sunshine Coast Southern Queenland Australia. The total to date is 94. If you click on the Collection and go to page 6 there are the latest photos. There is also a species list with locations and orrcurances as well as maps. Since I am an artist as well I started to paint nudibranchs too. More coming! There is a NudiArt section.

This animal was very active in the black dish and I really had to chase it to get shots. Can you tell me exactly what kind of dish you use and where you got it? Do you have a photo of it. Do you have a set up of your camera and system as well? I am always looking for better ways to record the animals as best as I can.

In regards to the storm you may be on something there...the low light may have brought this little one out to forage. Richard Willan suggested I dig around the immediate area where there could be more lurking!

Thanks for all your help, I will be revisiting the area and checking to see if more are there. Also attached is a map of the Mooloolaba rock wall and where I found this animal



Cobb, G., 2004 (Mar 23) Re: Cerberilla ambonensis found Sthn Queensland. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

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