Cuthona lagunae from California

June 6, 2005
From: Jeff Goddard

Hi Bill,
Here is a photo of Cuthona lagunae to complement the factsheet for this species, as well as to provide further visible comparison to the Flabellina trilineata pictured in Denise Weisman's message [#13904] (the latter do have unusually dark cerata cores).

Locality: Montana de Oro, California, USA. Intertidal. Length: 7 mm. 26 May 2005. Rocky shore, low intertidal pool. Photographer: Jeff Goddard

This specimen was relaxed in Magnesium chloride and photographed through a dissecting microscope, thus the limited depth of field and somewhat wrinkled appearance.
Best wishes,

Goddard, J.H.R., 2005 (Jun 6) Cuthona lagunae from California. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

Thanks Jeff,
Bill Rudman


Cuthona lagunae

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