Re: Halgerda in temperate Australian waters?

October 27, 1999
From: Shireen Fahey

Hi Erik,
I saw your question about Halgerda in temperate Australian waters, and thought I'd tell you about what we've found. Halgerda are indeed mostly tropical, but their range does extend to sub-tropical or sometimes temperate waters. Halgerda graphica was first described from Kangaroo Island, definitely temperate! We've found Halgerda species south of Perth and from Okinawa and south east Africa too. So depending on the particular species, the time of year, the ocean currents, the water temperature, the presence of their food (sponges), you can find Halgerda quite widely distributed within their Indo-Pacific range.

All the best,
Shireen Fahey,
California Academy of Sciences,
San Francisco, California.

Dear Shireen & Erik,
I have added as scan of the original plate of Halgerda graphica since I don't have any photos, and don't know of any.

If anyone has photos of an animal this colour from southern Australia I would love to see them.
Best wishes,
Bill Rudman.


Halgerda graphica

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