Dendronotus albus - new record from Korea

April 6, 2006
From: Dong Bum Koh

Dear Bill,
Here is a photo what I think of Dendronotus albus Macfarland,1966 or D. diversicolor? from South Korea. The photo was captured from video therefore image is not clear.

Locality: Gwang Won province. (E 129° N 37°7')., -15m, Korea, East Sea (cold sea), April 2006, --. Length: Approx. 40mm. Photographer: Tae Ho Cho.

Best regards,
Dong Bum Koh

D.B.Koh, 2006 (Apr 6) Dendronotus albus - new record from Korea. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

Hi Koh,

Well another North Eastern Pacific species is recorded from Korea.  Very good.  Let's call this Dendronotus albus MacFarland, 1966, as D. diversicolor is in question and needs further study.

As coincidence would have it I have moved to the same small town where Gordon Robilliard (the biologist who described D. diversicolor) lives (Gig Harbor, Washington) and at lunch a few weeks back, Gordy told me he is no longer sure the species are separate having seen many hundreds of specimens having color variations that fill the gap between the two species.  With this in mind, Gordy suggests, that for now, we use D. albus

Best wishes,
Dave Behrens

Behrens, D.W., 2006 (Apr 6). Comment on Dendronotus albus - new record from Korea by Dong Bum Koh. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from


Dendronotus albus

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