Re: A juvenile Ilbia mariana ?

April 3, 2006
From: Clay Carlson

Concerning message #16226:

Just a tad more info to go with the rush of material on Ilbia mariana. [it sure would have been nice to have had photos of this quality to work with 40 years ago]. In our database, through 2003, I. mariana is recorded 718 times: plus, 'A' [abundant] occurs 10 times. The largest measured specimen was 4.3mm, the smallest 1.5. The average of 53 measured specimens was 2.8mm.
The last 'A' record was from Gachogna Beach, Tinian; Jan. 1999.

Clay & Patty Jo,
Mariana Islands, Western Pacific

Clay & Patty Jo, 2006 (Apr 3) Re: A juvenile Ilbia mariana ?. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

Thanks Clay,
Bill Rudman


Ilbia mariana

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