Gizzard plates of Haminoea zelandiae

December 23, 1999
From: Bill Rudman

I don't have a photo of a typical Haminoea gizzard plate to compare with Clay & Patty Jo's photos of the gizzard plate of Atys naucum but here is a section through the gizzard of the common New Zealand species Haminoea zelandiae. In this section 2 of the 3 plates are visible, cut longitudinally. The lower plate is cut through about the midline and the upper more obliquely. The section clearly shows how the transverse ridges mesh together to form a very efficient crushing organ, grinding algal material to release the cell contents. The 8 or 9 ridges in species of Haminoea are quite different from the multitude of fine ridges in Atys naucum.

Bill Rudman.


Haminoea zelandiae

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