Re: Sea Slug Recipes

July 7, 1998
From: Bruce Hallman

I am a bit rusty on distinguishing types of sea slugs, though I recall many different types in those waters. Nudibranchs is what I recall them being called in latin. I don't read or speak Kwakuitl, but the word translated into "sea slug" by George Hunt is written in Kwakuitl three ways that I see..."alasa", "alase", and "alas". George Hunt grew up on that coast so he certainly knew the sea life very well. Also, Elie Hunt recorded that "sea-slugs are only eaten in winter, when they are good. They are bad in summer."
Bruce Hallman

Hallman, B., 1998 (Jul 7) Re: Sea Slug Recipes. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

Thanks Bruce, If anyone else has any ideas please share them with us .. Bill Rudman


Sea slug recipes

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