The date of d'Orbigny's Canary Is work

February 1, 2000
From: Bill Rudman

While in New Zealand, Michael Miller (M.C.Miller not M.D.Miller) asked about the date of the first use of Aeolidiidae.

In Lemche's submission (1964) to the International Commission he dates a work by d'Orbigny on Canary Islands marine life as 1834 and states that this is the earliest use of the family name Aeolidiidae. However the work he quotes seems to have been published in 1839. Can anyone help with this?
Bill Rudman.

•Lemche, H. (1964) Aeolidia Cuvier, 1797 (Gastropoda): Proposed addition to the Official List. Z.N.(S) 1097. Bulletin of Zoological Nomenclature, 21(2): 116-117.

•ICZN OPINION 779 July 1966. Aeolidia Cuvier, 1797 (Gastropoda): placed on the official list of generic names. Bulletin of Zoological Nomenclature, 23: 100-101.

•d'Orbigny, A. (1839?) Mollusques, echinodermes, foraminiferes et polypiers, recueillis aux Iles Canaries par Mm. Webb et Berthelot et descrits par Alcide D'Orbigny. Mollusques 1.2(2): 1-117, pls 1-76.

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