Phyllodesmium iriomotense

August 4, 1998
From: Bob Bolland

Dear Bill:

I'm enclosing a scan of what I believe to be yet another species of Phyllodesmium for the Okinawa species list, P. iriomotense (Baba, 1991), originally described from Iriomote Island, here within the Ryukyus Archipelago. I've collected three specimens from moderately deep water (two from 58 m and one from 67 m) while on SCUBA. All three of the animals were found apparently feeding on two separate species of octocorals, from which they were collected. The individual in the accompanying photo had a total living length of 44mm and was collected from 67 m on 18 July, 1995.

The sea slug forum continues to be a great service for getting opisthobranch information out over the Internet. Please keep up the terrific work.

Best regards,

Bob Bolland

Bolland, R.F., 1998 (Aug 4) Phyllodesmium iriomotense. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

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