Re: Umbraculum - how many species?

February 19, 2000
From: Angel Valdés

Dear Bill,

There are few comments I would like to make about Poppe's list of species of Umbraculum.

Umbraculum bertinia, originally described as Bertinia bertinia Jousseaume, 1883 is actually a species of patellogastropod limpet, Cellana nigrolineata (Reeve, 1854). There is a paper by Kase & Valdés (1997) about this species.

I also have a paper in press dealing with some fossil material of Umbraculum and Spiricella (Valdés & Lozouet, in press). Spiricella unguiculus Rang & des Moulins, 1828 is not a species of Umbraculum. There are many differences in the shell of these two taxa. It is not clear whether it should be regarded as a member of the Umbraculoidea or not, until the soft parts of this animal become available.

In this paper we are also describing a new species of Umbraculum from the Upper Oligocene of France, which is also different from the Upper Eocene species Umbraculum laudunensis (Melleville, 1843). There are large differences in the protoconch of these fossil species.

There are more fossil species of Umbraculum described from North America and Australia, but I do not think anybody reviewed this material using modern taxonomic criteria.

It would not bother me at all if all the recent specific names of Umbraculum were synonymyzed.

Literature cited:

•Kase, T. & Valdés, A. 1997. The enigma of Bertinia bertinia Jousseaume, 1883 solved. Venus, 56: 233-240.
•Valdés, A. & Lozouet, P. [In press]. Opisthobranch molluscs from the tertiary of the Aquitaine basin (south-western France), with descriptions of seven new species and a new genus. Palaeontology.

Valdés, A., 2000 (Feb 19) Re: Umbraculum - how many species?. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

Thanks Angel,
Bill Rudman.

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