Re: Phyllodesmium horridum -egg laying?

December 15, 2007
From: Georgina Jones

Concerning message #21224:

Dear Bill,
Thank you for your reply.
The soft coral in question is the purple soft coral, Alcyonium fauri. It is known to be fed upon by one of our endemic Tritonias, and also possibly by Leminda millecra. We usually see Phyllodesmium horridum feeding on a gorgonian as stated by Gosliner, but the genus is Acabaria. I'd agree with you that it might have a more varied diet than we at first have thought.
Best wishes

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Dear Georgina,

Thanks for the information. if you get the chance to photograph any nudibranchs feeding on on their food it would be great if you could send photos to the Forum. Apart from encouraging others to do likewise, it is a valuable way of building up information, and sharing it, with the worldwide malacological community.

You may have wondered why I have changed your spelling from horridus to horridum. I know the species has usually been known as Phyllodesmium horridus but part of the International Rules insists that the species part of the name matches the gender of the genus part, so it has to be changed to Phyllodesmium horridum. I can't say I agree with this, but I try to be a law-abiding citizen.

Best wishes,
Bill Rudman

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