Philine in Oregon

September 7, 1998
From: Jeff Goddard

Dear Dr. Rudman,
Specimens matching Philine auriformis as described by Gosliner (1995) are currently in Coos Bay Oregon. The first specimens were collected on 8 August 1998 on intertidal sand flats just inside the mouth of the bay. Their gizzard plates, radulae, and shells all match those described by Gosliner.
The slugs were burrowing just below the sand surface in area with Dendraster and a variety of small clams, including Transennella. Two days ago (the 23rd) I collected about 25 specimens, ranging in length from 20 to 30 mm from this same area. It seems likely that these animals were carried north, as larvae, with last year's anomalously warm water.
I will be sending specimens to Terry Gosliner, and will be happy to send you some as well.

Jeff Goddard
26 August 1988

Goddard, J., 1998 (Sep 7) Philine in Oregon. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

Dear Jeff,
Thanks for the information. If you are sending specimens to Terry there is no need to send me any. If you would like me to include some information on you in our participants pages please let me know. Most people who have have been pleased with the number of new contacts they make with people with similar interests ...Bill Rudman


Philine spp.

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