Phytoplankton for Nudibranch

October 7, 1998
From: Moresco Roberto

Mr. Rudman,
many thanks for your answer. I would like to Know which phitoplancon species are good for Nudibranchia larval culturing (captivity).

Moresco Roberto

Roberto, M., 1998 (Oct 7) Phytoplankton for Nudibranch. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

I'm afraid you will need to consult one of the experts I suggested. I think most nudibranch larvae will eat a range of phytoplankton. What is important is which species of phytoplankton you can culture in your laboratory.

If anyone has any information or advice could you send a message to the Forum .. Bill Rudman.


Larval culture

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