Trapania? from Malta

July 9, 2000
From: Constantine Mifsud

Dear Bill,
I am attaching a few photos of an Opisthobranch which I found in a "hot" tidepool (it was 40 here) yesterday at Malta, central Mediterranean Sea. The animal was in a poor condition but I managed to get a short video shot under the microscope while it was still alive. It was 6mm when fully extended and has the characteristic dark red patch on its head.I could not see any cerata on the body and thought it might be a Trapania.

Is there anyone (especially from Europe)who has seen this species before? I cannot trace it from the literature, perhaps it is a juvenile specimen.I have included a close-up view of the head (bottom right).


Mifsud, C., 2000 (Jul 9) Trapania? from Malta. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

Dear Constantine,
It certainly has the look of a Trapania. Any cerata-like appendages could easily have disintegrated if the animal was being slowly cooked.

Bill Rudman.


Trapania? sp. 4

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