Dendrodoris? from California

July 19, 2000
From: Clinton Bauder

Note added 3 February 2005: This has been named Dendrodoris azineae

Hi Bill,
I was doing a deep dive in Carmel Bay, California, USA, on Wednesday, July, 12. At about 180 feet (54M) I found a dorid which I didn't recognize. I shot some quick video of it and now of course wish I had shot more. It looks to be the undescribed Dendrodoris species in plate 131 of Dave Behren's book. This was known only from 1 example which was dredged from 300 feet off Malibu in Southern California.

Michael Miller of the Slug Site says this is probably what I saw and that there has only been one unconfirmed sighting of it since. Dave Behrens is apparently on vacation and will be back on Tuesday but meanwhile if anybody else out there knows anything about this beast I'd love to hear about it.
Clinton Bauder

Bauder, C., 2000 (Jul 19) Dendrodoris? from California. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

Dear Clinton,
I heard from Dave yesterday as he ploughed through a mountain of emails so you may get some feedback soon
Best wishes,
Bill Rudman.

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