Re: Elysia from Sulawesi

August 26, 2000
From: Kathe R. Jensen

Dear Lindsay and Bill,

This species looks somewhat like the one identified as Elysia mercieri by Carlson & Hoff (1978). In particular the long, warty rhinophores are similar. This species was originally described as Elysiobranchus mercieri by Pruvot-Fol in 1930. Are the papillae along the parapodial "chimneys" branched? This would be a further indication of its identity.

• Carlson, C.H. & Hoff, P.J. (1978) The identifiable Elysia from Guam (Elysiidae, Sacoglossa, Opisthobranchia). Micronesica, 14: 89-113.
• Pruvot-Fol, A. 1930. Diagnoses provisoires (incompletes) des especes nouvelles et liste provisoires des Mollusques Nudibranches recueillis par Mme A. Pruvot-Fol en Nouvelle-Caledonie (Ile des Pins). Bull. Mus. Nat. Hist. Nat., Ser. 2, 2: 229-231.

(sorry I do not have the French accents on my keyboard - there are Thai letters instead!)

Best wishes,

Jensen, K.R., 2000 (Aug 26) Re: Elysia from Sulawesi. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

Thanks Kathe,
Bill Rudman.


Elysia sp. 10

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