Discodoris fragilis? from sthn Queensland

December 1, 1998
From: Wayne Ellis

Dear Bill,
Attached is a pic from the Sunshine Coast, southern Queensland that I would appreciate an ID for.
Wayne Ellis


Ellis, W., 1998 (Dec 1) Discodoris fragilis? from sthn Queensland. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from http://www.seaslugforum.net/find/351

Dear Wayne,
I might as well stick my neck out and say that I think that this is a form of Discodoris lilacina which is also know as Dicodoris fragilis.

There seems to be quite a few names around for this animal which is not surprising since it is one of the commonest of the larger intertidal dorids in the tropical Indo-West Pacific. If I am correct then it ranges in colour from pale almost white to quite dark brown. In my experience, though I have not done any controlled experiments, individuals also seem to be able to change colour over a few hours to match their background colouration.

Bill Rudman.

Rudman, W.B., 1998 (Dec 1). Comment on Discodoris fragilis? from sthn Queensland by Wayne Ellis. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from http://www.seaslugforum.net/find/351

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