Chromodoris vibrata from Okinawa

January 13, 2001
From: Bob Bolland

Hi Bill,
Following Scott Johnson's recent message on the Forum, I thought I'd add yet another image of Chromodoris vibrata, which will add Okinawa to its known distribution.
RFB # 2957. TL: 24mm. 3m, on a live stony coral reef at the edge of the reef drop-off.
Horseshoe Cliffs, Okinawa (26°30.0'N, 127°50.9'E) 24 April 1992.
This is the only record I have of it from Okinawa.


Bolland, R.F., 2001 (Jan 13) Chromodoris vibrata from Okinawa. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

Thanks Bob,
Bill Rudman

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