Re: Regeneration in Elysia ornata

January 20, 2001
From: Kathe R. Jensen

Dear Bill,

In reply to Satoru's message, I have a few references to autotomy and regeneration in sacoglossans. It seems that in the Oxynoidae the tail and parapodial lobes can be autotomized and regenerated. In the Limapontioidea the cerata can be autotomized and regenerated. I have also observed partial regeneration of rhinophores in several species, and sometimes partial regeneration of part of parapodia in Elysia spp..

• Di Marzo, V., Vardaro, R.R., De Petrocellis, Villani, G., Minei, R. & Cimino, G. 1991. Cyercenes, novel pyrones from the ascoglossan mollusc Cyerce cristallina. Tissue distribution, biosynthesis and possible involvement in defense and regenerative processes. Experientia, 47: 1221-1227.
• Di Marzo, V., Marin, A., Vardaro, R.R., De Petrocellis, L., Villani, G. & Cimino, G. 1993. Histological and biochemical bases of defense mechanisms in four species of Polybranchioidea ascoglossan molluscs. Marine Biology, 117: 367-380.
• Warmke, G. & Almodovar, L.R. 1972. Observations on the life cycle and regeneration in Oxynoe antillarum Morch, an ascoglossan opisthobranch from the Caribbean. Bulletin of Marine Science, 22: 67-74.

Kathe Jensen

Jensen, K.R., 2001 (Jan 20) Re: Regeneration in Elysia ornata. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

Thanks Kathe,
With luck someone will know of some studies on nudibranchs as well.
Bill Rudman



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