Philine in California

December 12, 1998
From: Allison Carver

Dear Bill--
Since my first query I have unfortunately been inundated by common, garden-variety school stuff, and have not been able to take the time to contact the other Philine people.  Now that my finals are over, however, I plan to spend my Christmas break collecting & dissecting in an attempt to determine which (if any) of the two or possibly three species we have down here.  When I have something solid, I will certainly let you know. 
Thanks for all the help -- and thanks especially for maintaining the Forum.
Allison Carver.

Carver, A., 1998 (Dec 12) Philine in California. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

Its a pity about "common, garden-variety school stuff" isn't it? Look forward to hearing of your results when you get time for some "real" work.


Philine spp.

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