photos from New Zealand

December 12, 1998
From: Ross Armstrong

Dear Bill,

Here are some photos of the following nudibranchs from New Zealand:
Ceratosoma amoena
Dendrodoris citrina
Dendrodoris gemmacea
Jason mirabilis
Plocamopherus imperialis 
Tambja verconis
Tritonia incerta

Please note that Diane and I both try to take 'pretty' pictures rather than ID pictures so they may be of limited use.   We do get a reasonable number of ID photos but don't bother getting these scanned.  We have a lot of nudibranch slides and a few sea hare shots also. Other nudibranchs include Tambja morosa, Tambja affinis, Tambja morosa and Archidoris wellingtonensis.

We also have slides showing mating nudibranchs and nudibranchs with egg ribbons.  We could get some of these scanned if you wanted them.  There is also another photographer in Whangarei (Dave Stallworthy) who is particularly interested in nudibranchs.  He even went on a couple of trips with Richard Willan to the Three Kings.  Dave is not taking photos at present but should have a lot more nudibranchs.

The Ceratosoma and Tritonia images were taken on the Tutukaka coast of Northland.  All the other photos were taken at the Poor Knights.  Hopefully I have spelled the names correctly.



Ross Armstrong

Armstrong, R., 1998 (Dec 12) photos from New Zealand. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

Dear Ross,
Thanks very much for the photos which I will post on the site in the next few days.

I am interested in photos of any species from New Zealand, even things I already have photos of from Australia or elsewhere. The aim of the Forum is to provide not just an identification photo but evidence of a species' geographic range and its biology. So any of the animals you listed would be
great to have as they considerably extend the range of what are tropical or at least "Australian" species. Sea hares, side-gilled slugs (pleurobranchs), bubble-shells etc are all of interest as well as the true nudibranchs.

Your mention of photos with egg masses and mating are of interest as are photos of animals feeding etc so we can get some more information on what they feed on. If you can interest other divers in sending stuff it would be very welcome. If we get a bit of stuff I can set up a New Zealand index page so all the NZ stuff on the site could be readily found.

Concerning "pretty" versus "id" pics. I love pretty pics - unfortunately sometimes an id pic is needed as well to clarify things.

Thanks again,
Bill Rudman.

Rudman, W.B., 1998 (Dec 12). Comment on photos from New Zealand by Ross Armstrong. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

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