Cadlina laevis from Scotland

July 9, 2001
From: Jim Anderson

Dear Bill,
As a follow-up to Paul Young's Cadlina from North America, here are two photos from my website [Scottish Nudibranchs] to illustrate some of the colour variety in European Cadlina laevis

UPPER: June 1995. Avon Rock in the Sound of Mull, Scotland. 16 metres, 24mm long.
LOWER: 13 May, 2001. Near the wreck of the little concrete yacht at Ballachulish, Loch Leven on the west coast. Water temperature 9 deg C at 12 metres, a 32mm animal. Several were seen at different places on this site, all in the 6 - 15 metre range. PHOTOS: Jim Anderson.

Best wishes,

Anderson, J., 2001 (Jul 9) Cadlina laevis from Scotland. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

Thanks Jim,
It seems something as 'well-known' as Cadlina laevis may in fact need a closer look. With direct development I guess 'regional' colour varieties could evolve but it looks like it could benefit from a comparative study. Since Paul's Nth American animal appears to feed on Halisarca it would be very interesting to know if its eggs are large, which would indicate that it too has direct developing larvae.
Bill Rudman


Cadlina laevis

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