Notes from Mornington Peninsula, Victoria

January 18, 1999
From: Jane Breidahl

Hello again Bill. Thank you for replying to my question about Spurilla australis - I'm delighted that we found the heart! I have a few more 'finds' to mention especially since I can't seem to find any of them on your species list. Under Mornington pier in 9m of water at 8.45am on Saturday, I found four of the nudibranch Phyllodesmium serratum. I'm quite sure that the identification is correct as the description in Shepherd is spot on. On January 12th under St Leonards Pier, I found Madrella sanguinea - a tiny dot of a thing on Pachydictyon paniculatum. (Again, I think that's right - it's pretty hard to get the seaweeds correctI find) We've seen Madrella before, but isn't it the most spectacular thing under a microscope! My latest find is not really identified. Under Mornington Pier on one of the fine brown seaweeds, I noticed lots of very tiny little orange dots. I think they might be a sacoglossan - they look very like Midorigai australis but are the wrong colour. Can you help here?
Kind regards,
Jane Breidahl

Breidahl, J., 1999 (Jan 18) Notes from Mornington Peninsula, Victoria. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

Dear Jane,
Thanks for your notes. I'll put pictures of the species you mention on the site as soon as I get a chance. I'm afraid your little orange spots are a bit difficult to identify. Did they have a shell like Midorigai?
Perhaps you can get your photographer friend to take some photos.
Bill Rudman.