Shell of Julia exquisita

October 12, 2001
From: Cory Pittman

Here are detailed shell photos of Julia exquisita from Hawaii to accompany my earlier message. All told, I've seen several thousand valves with a maximum shell length of 5.2 mm. The background color ranges from green to straw and the exterior is marked by radiating rows of brown or dark green spots, each with a cloudy white "halo" extending dorsally. The size of the spots and number of rows is highly variable but the general pattern is consistent. Rarely, shells may lack spots completely. The hinge is large and the central, tooth-like knob is oval in cross section with a "bean-shaped" apex.

The shell photos are of a hinged pair, 4.5 mm in length. It was in a "random bottle" rather than one of my quantitative samples but was probably found in beach drift at Maalaea Bay, Maui.

Cory Pittman

Pittman, C., 2001 (Oct 12) Shell of Julia exquisita. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from


Julia exquisita

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