Doto sp. 2. from Okinawa

February 23, 1999
From: Bob Bolland

Hi Bill:
Here's a second unnamed Doto species from Okinawa. I'm afraid the scan isn't very good, but is the best I have of the animal.

(TL: 10mm) was collected from 12m on 25 December, 1996 / Tengan Pier, Okinawa. It was found on an unidentified feather-like hydroid with a second animal (14mm) which had lost all of its cerata.


Bolland, R.F., 1999 (Feb 23) Doto sp. 2. from Okinawa. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

Dear Bob,
What an amazing shape and colour! It looks as though it would be very cryptic on its food hydroid.
Bill Rudman.


Doto sp. 2.