Re: Slug anesthesia

January 30, 2002
From: Brian Penney

Re: Kathleen's message.
I have had reasonable success taking damp weight of non-anesthetized individuals for my ecology work. Survival seems quite high for most species- few deaths over several weeks in captivity. My rationale is that, if the slugs need to be dried off a little bit, there is no need to compound the trauma by using anesthesia. However, I have worked mostly with large species that spend some time intertidally.

Another possibility is measuring volume, which could be done in salt water. I haven't tried it myself, so you might want to test the reproducibility of these measurements.

Best of luck!

Penney, B., 2002 (Jan 30) Re: Slug anesthesia. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

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