Okinawa Tambja sagamiana

July 21, 2002
From: Bob Bolland

Hi Bill,
Concerning variation of Tambja sagamiana as suggested in a recent post to the Forum, here are two images of Okinawa animals. The color here seems to be relatively constant without much variation (orange or yellow spots).

Upper: Horseshoe Cliffs, Okinawa; 19 Jan '91; photo only, size not recorded; from 49m.
Lower: Seragaki, Okinawa; 22 Dec '96; TL: 80mm; from 43m.

Bolland, B., 2002 (Jul 21) Okinawa Tambja sagamiana. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

Thanks Bob,
Bill Rudman


Tambja sagamiana

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