Help identifying Japanese nudibranchs

April 17, 1999
From: Rie Nakano

Dear Dr. Bill Rudman

Hello, How do you do. My name is Rie Nakano. I'm webmaster of 'Diver's Street' (Japanese website), []
and editor of Mr.Atsushi Ono's book 'OPISTHOBRANCHS of KERAMA ISLANDS'. This book will published by TBS-BRITANNICA Co.,Ltd.

Mr.Ono gathered over 300 species of opisthobranchs in Kerama Islands (Kerama Islands is near Okinawa, near Mr.Bob Bolland's field), and he will have just 300 species in this book.

It will published in mid-June. But he can't determine scientific name for several species yet,

Can you help?


Rie Nakano

Nakano, R., 1999 (Apr 17) Help identifying Japanese nudibranchs. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

Dear Rie,
I am happy to look at your unknown species and help to identify them. If it is ok to put the pictures on the Sea Slug Forum, we will get some added help in identification from those who visit the Forum regularly.

I look forward to seeing the book when it is published and am happy to review it on the Forum and give details on where to buy it.

Best wishes,
Bill Rudman.

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