Re: Discodoris from Thailand

September 28, 2002
From: Terry Gosliner

Hi Bill,
The Discodoris from Thailand that you posted is Discodoris rubra Bergh, 1905. It is probably better considered as a Peltodoris, since it lacks jaw plates. Archidoris hawaiiensis Kay and Young, 1970 is also a synonym.

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Thanks Terry,
It took me a while to find the reference in Bergh's 1905 Siboga Report because the name Discodoris rubra is only used in the caption to Plate 1 and in a Corrigenda [correction footnote] at the end of the publication.

The description of the species is on p104. and incorrectly headed:
4. Discodoris? Sibogae Bgh, n.sp. Taf. 1, Fig. 8. Taf. XIV. Fig. 11-14.

The Corrigenda [p248] corrects this by saying that:
Discodoris? Sibogae Bgh is Discodoris rubra Bgh, and the figures are Taf. 1. Fig. 7, NOT Fig 8, and Taf. XIV. Fig. 11-14. Taf. 1. Fig 8 is a figure of Discodoris? sibogae, which today is considered a colour form of Platydoris scabra.

Another of the tangles we find in Bergh's many publications.
Best wishes,
Bill Rudman

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Peltodoris rubra

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