Re: Possible Glossodoris

March 30, 1998
From: Lindsay Warren

Dear Bill
Many thanks for coming back to me so quickly about the possible Noumea. I didn't include details then as I wasn't sure if the definition was adequate. Unfortunately I did not find this one and at the time we weren't keeping precise notes as the surface on which it was found. However, I do know that it was found between 0-60 ft of water on a leeward wall of Pulau Hoga, a very small island next to Pulau Kaledupa in the Tukang Besi islands, SE Sulawesi.

The wall is heavily covered in both hard and soft corals as opposed to a sandy or rubbly bottom. The body was entirely translucent yellow with white edges to the mantle which would 'ripple' as it moved - a muscular induced movement rather than caused by motion through the water. Length - approx 2.5 cms.
Many thanks
Lindsay Warren

Warren, L., 1998 (Mar 30) Re: Possible Glossodoris. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from


Noumea crocea

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