Cuthona barbadiana from the Bahamas

February 22, 2003
From: Colin Redfern

Dear Bill,
Here are photos of two 4mm specimens of Cuthona barbadiana from Abaco, Bahamas. Both were on Sargassum attached to the substrate in 1m. The animal with white dorsal markings [upper right, lower left] is from Scotland Cay, August 8, 1998, and the animal with blue-tinted markings [lower right] is from Thurstone Bay, August 10, 2000.

• Edmunds, M. & H. Just. 1983. Eolid nudibranchiate Mollusca from Barbados. Journal of Molluscan Studies, 49: 185-203.
• Marcus, Ev. & H. P. I. Hughes. 1974. Opisthobranch mollusks from Barbados. Bulletin of Marine Science 24(3): 498-532. [as Trinchesia perca].

Best wishes,

Redfern, C., 2003 (Feb 22) Cuthona barbadiana from the Bahamas. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

Thanks Colin,
Bill Rudman


Cuthona barbadiana