Nudibranchs of the South Pacific Vol.1
Neville Coleman

64 pages. Paperback.
First published 1989.
ISBN0 947 325 02 6

This small field guide includes pictures of 170 nudibranchs from the major groups with a basic description of each. Some of the species have yet to be named. The photos come from Neville's Australian Marine Photographic Index, a truly remarkable achievement on his part. Over many years Neville has personally collected & photographed thousands of marine animals & with the help of experts who have helped in identify the photos, built the AMPI into a valuable library of Australasian marine life.

The guide gives a basic introduction to nudibranchs & the photographs make this a useful resource for visually identifying species on the Australian shores as well as further afield.

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This Review is by Wayne Ellis

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Ellis, W., 1998 (December 15) Nudibranchs of the South Pacific Vol.1. Neville Coleman. [In] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from