Nudibranchs & Sea Snails Indo Pacific Field Guide
Helmut Debelius

321 pages. Hard back.
First published 1996.

Bright & colourful is the first impression of this book. The guide covers the gastropods of the Indo-Pacific & is rich in colour & interesting details. A lot of work has gone into this publication (as it does in all books) & only real weakness is the inaccurate naming of species. Keeping this in mind it is a great publication especially if you want to be able to explain to friends of colleges why you would be interested in "snails".

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This Review is by Wayne Ellis

Authorship details
Ellis, W., 1998 (December 15) Nudibranchs & Sea Snails Indo Pacific Field Guide. Helmut Debelius. [In] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

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