Chromodoris mandapamensis
- Anatomy


Chromodoris mandapamensis, scanning electron micrographs. A. Inner lateral teeth, scale bar = 25 µm. B. Lateral teeth from the central portion of the half-row, scale bar = 30 µm. C. Outer lateral teeth, scale bar = 30 µm. D. Jaw rodlets, scale bar = 20 µm. Photos: A. Valdes.


Chromodoris mandapamensis

Internally, the buccal mass is divided evenly into an anterior glandular portion and a posterior muscular one. At the posterior end of the mass there are a pair of long salivary glands. The jaws are composed of a number of elongate, bifid rodlets about 15 µm in length. The radular formula is 67 x 53.0.53 in one specimen examined. Rachidian teeth are absent. The innermost lateral teeth have two denticles on the inner side of the cusp and three denticles on the outer side. The remaining lateral teeth are hook-shaped, lack denticles on the inner side of the cusp and have a series of four to six denticles along the outer edge. The outer laterals are elongate with four to seven denticles situated on the tips of the teeth. The reproductive system has an long, tubular ampulla that divides into the oviduct and the prostate. The oviduct is short and enters the female glands near the center of the mass. The prostate is long, tightly coiled with several loops. It narrows and then expands into the muscular deferent duct, which is bulbous distally. The deferent duct is very short and wide, and opens into a common atrium with the vagina. The penis is unarmed. The vagina is short and slightly coiled. Near the end of the vagina the uterine duct emerges. It is long and opens into the female glands. More proximally are the curved, club-shaped seminal receptacle and the rounded, thin-walled bursa copulatrix.

FIGURES: Chromodoris mandapamensis. A. Disposition of the mantle glands, scale bar = 1 mm. B. General view of the reproductive system, scale bar = 1 mm. C. Detail of several dissected organs, scale bar = 1 mm. Abbreviations: am = ampulla, bc = bursa copulatrix, dd = deferent duct, fg = female glands, pr = prostate, sr = seminal receptacle, ud = uterine duct, v = vagina. Drawings: A. Valdes.

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