Costasiella kuroshimae
Ichikawa, 1993

Family: Costasiellidae


Known only from Japanese region.


3.5 mm long, Kerama Is., Okinawa. Photo: Atsushi Ono

Costasiella kuroshimae was described as having a white head with dark marks in the midline and a dark streak across the head just in front of the rhinophores. Also a dark grey-black streak behind the eyes in dorsal midline was described. The tips of the white rhinophores were reported to be black. The cerata were described as 'generally green with white tips'. Iridescent dots are scattered over the green parts of the cerata. Ichikawa described a number of species of Costasiella in a similar brief fashion. Of all the species described, this is the only one that comes near to these photos.

• Ichikawa, M. (1993) Saccoglossa (Opisthobranchia) from the Ryukyu Islands. Publications of the Seto Marine Biological Laboratory, 36: 119-139.

Authorship details
Rudman, W.B., 2002 (May 27) Costasiella kuroshimae Ichikawa, 1993. [In] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

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