Crosslandia daedali
Poorman & Mulliner, 1981

Family: Scyllaeidae


Pacific coast of central America


This first one was found at 50 feet deep in Los Arcos, Bahia de Banderas, Pacific Coast of Mexico, May 4th, 2002 and is 16 mm long. It was on the alga you see in the picture. Photo: Alicia Hermosillo

Typical shape for Crosslandia with bilobed parapodia, the anterior lobe being larger than the posterior. Edge of lobes described by Poorman & Mulliner as 'irregularly notched and digitate'. Colour described as 'greenish brown-orange: longitudinal fine chestnut brown lines with some white lines on sides and undersides of lobes; a narrow light-coloured border along the thin edge of the rhinophores sheaths, along the sides of the neck, round edge of lobes and crest of tail; irregular black to brown blotches on some animals. Brilliant blue small round spots medially along sides of body, about 6 in number, about 5 spots medially on the dorsum, most spots with fine black borders. A row of 4-6 flesh-colored, sharply conical tubercles along the median line of each side of the animal.' The animals were reported from Sonora, Mexico, on Padina where it grazes on small hydroids growing on the algae. It grows to 25mm in length.

• Poorman, L.H. & Mulliner, D.K. (1981) A new species of Crosslandia (Nudibranchia: Dendronotacea) from the Gulf of California. The Nautilus, 95(2): 96–99.

Authorship details
Rudman, W.B., 2002 (April 21) Crosslandia daedali Poorman & Mulliner, 1981. [In] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

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