Eubranchus cf. olivaceus

Family: Eubranchidae


Atlantic coast of Nth America


Upper: Woods Hole, Massachusetts, USA, 4 meters. Photo: Alan Shepard. Approx 9 mm long.
Lower: Gould, 1870 [Plate 16] 'Aeolis despecta Johnstone.

NOTE added 14 July 2003: Following Jeff Goddard's message suggesting that E. olivaceus is a synonym of Eubranchus rupium, I have moved the messages on this page to E. rupium.

This animal has previously been identified with Eubranchus olivaceus (O'Donoghue, 1922) from the Nth American west coast but I have my doubts. [See discussion below]. I have posted here illustrations from Gould (1870) of probably the same animal from Massachusetts 130 years ago.

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