Phyllidia zebrina
Baba, 1976

Suborder: DORIDINA
Family: Phyllidiidae


Sagami Bay, Japan.


60 m depth, Amadaiba, Sagami Bay, Japan, Preserved holotype, 14 mm, Photo: K. Baba (Brunckhorst, 1993: Plate 3B).

This species was described from a single preserved animal which was not dissected. Based on a colour sketch of the living animal its external colour is described as being yellowish white with a number of short black stripes arranged as in the accompanying photo. The anus is in the posterior dorsal midline and the mantle is covered with small rounded tubercles.

Unlike Phyllidia varicosa and Phyllidia coelestis, there are no dorsal ridges. Phyllidia flava is yellow, but it completely lacks any black pigmentation. Phyllidia ocellata and P. loricata have large black rings or spots, not fine black lines like those of P. zebrina.

NOTE: See Soichi Matsukawa's photos and subsequent discussion on relationship between this species and Fryeria larryi.

• Baba, K. (1976) Record of Phyllidia zebrina n. sp. from Sagami Bay, Japan (Nudibranchia: Doridoidea: Phyllidiidae). Venus, The Japanese Journal of Malacology, 35(1) 5-8. ([In Japanese])
Brunckhorst, D.J. (1993) The systematics and phylogeny of Phyllidiid Nudibranchs (Doridoidea). Records of the Australian Museum, Supplement 16: 1-107.

Authorship details
Rudman, W.B., 2003 (May 29) Phyllidia zebrina Baba, 1976. [In] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

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