Tochuina tetraquetra
(Pallas, 1788)

Family: Tritoniidae


North Pacific from Northern Japan, Kuril Islands (Russia), Alaska, Canada, and south to California.


British Columbia, Canada, September 2000. "especially plentiful in the Port Hardy region (North end of the island). Depth ranged from 30-80 feet and all of the ones I saw were quite large; 150-200mm". Photo: Clinton Bauder.

One of the largest nudibranchs, growing to about 300mm long. Feeds on octocorals, including sea pens, gorgonians and softcorals. Ranges in colour from a pale yellow orange to a deep reddish orange, with whitish tipped tubercles all over the mantle. The small numerous branched gills form a white tufted fringe around the edge of the mantle.

Behrens reports that it is eaten both raw and cooked in the Kuril Islands where it is known as 'tochni'.

• MacFarland, F. M. (1966) Studies of opisthobranchiate mollusks of the Pacific coast of North America. Memoirs of the California Academy of Sciences, 6: 1-546, pls. 1-72.
• Pallas, P.S. (1788). Marina varia nova et rariora. Nova Acta Acad. Sci. Imp. Petrop. 2: 229-250.

Authorship details
Rudman, W.B., 2000 (October 22) Tochuina tetraquetra (Pallas, 1788). [In] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

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