Volvatella viridis
Hamatani, 1976

Superfamily: OXYNOOIDEA
Family: Volvatellidae


Japan, possibly Indo-West Pacific.


Hachijo Island, Japan. Depth: 2m, Size: 20mm. Photo: Shouichi Kato

Described from Japan where it was reported to feed on Caulerpa racemosa. Shell approx 12mm long. When alive the shell appears deep green due to the colour of the mantle. The exposed body is opaque white. Recently, Jensen & Wells, (1990) have described V. ventricosa from southern Western Australia. It has very similar external characters (green mantle, white animal, fragile shell, position and size of shell 'spout') but they suggest it differs from V. viridis in having a small penial spine. This spine is extremely small, and although Hamatani states he could not see it in 2 specimens he examined, I think it should be re-examined before we can be sure these two species are different.

• Hamatani, I. (1976) Preliminary account of a new species of Volvatella Pease, 1860, V. viridis sp.nov., found in the Caulerpan Microfauna in Japan (Opisthobranchia: Sacoglossa). Publications of the Seto Marine Biological Laboratory, 22(6): 371-376, Figs 1,2, Pl.6.
• Jensen, K.R. & Wells, F.E. (1990) Sacoglossa (= Ascoglossa) (Mollusca, Opisthobranchia) from southern Western Australia. In: Wells, F.E., Walker, D.I., Kirkman, H. & Lethbridge, R. Proceedings of the Third International Marine Biological Workshop: The Marine Flora and Fauna of Albany, Western Australia. Western Australian Museum, Perth, Vol. 1: 297-331.

Authorship details
Rudman, W.B., 2002 (July 3) Volvatella viridis Hamatani, 1976. [In] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from http://www.seaslugforum.net/factsheet/volvviri

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